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I started writing quilt patterns in January 2020 and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. 

The beginning

Modern Interlock pattern was inspired by modern and geometric art I was obsessing over at the beginning of 2020. I wanted a quilt that was not your traditional block construction and made a bold statement. I loved the idea of layering and stacking within the quilt top without necessarily advanced skills. In terms of sewing skills, this is a beginner quilt; but, I’d consider it more intermediate in terms of organization.

Share the wealth.

The Counterstripe quilt came in the spring of 2020. I wanted to write a quilt pattern specifically for beginners. I have found so much joy and triumph in quilting that I wanted to share the wealth this community has to offer. If you are a beginner or want to entice someone into this world life of quilting, this is the pattern for you!

Quilts for a Cause

The Josephine Quilt Pattern was written to honor a friend and her new baby. Josephine was born in May 2020 and her names means “May Jehovah Add”. I liked the literal translation of dedication a plus sign quilt to her. Josie was diagnosed with Antley Bixler Syndrome and leads a unique life. She touches nurses and doctors in a way no one else could. Josie adds joy and inspires so many with her little life. Follow her story on Instagram @myannafit.

The Twins

In the spring of 2020, I found a fun, new-to-me shape called half rectangle triangles.

The first pattern I drew is the first born, older brother - Black Tie Affair.

The second born, 11 minutes later, little sister is the Square Peg quilt! These two were born together in March, so it only seemed appropriate to release them together in October of 2020. 

Suddenly, She Appeared

The Gemma Rose quilt was a happy accident! I was working on the diagrams and formatting for the Black Tie Affair when a mouse malfunction spread my formatting over work I had already done. This is that malfunction. I stepped back from the computer, stared and this beauty, and quickly saved my work so I could put Gemma next in line. We’ll call her the cousin of the twins. 

Falling in Love

The Heart Deco quilt pattern was my first release of 2021. Valentine’s Day is a very special day in my family - it’s my husband’s birthday and my parents’ anniversary. It seemed fitting to celebrate Love Day with my first seasonal pattern. Instructions include sizes from wall hanging up to a large throw.

Simple, yet Bold

On March 2, 2021, the YIELD quilt pattern was released! Written for beginners, YIELD is deeply therapeutic for me. I felt it was time to stop and take stock of myself, my friends and family, and the state of the world around me. Read more in the pattern and make your own!

OG Quilt Pattern

The Falling Ribbon Quilt  was the first pattern I ever wrote back in January 2020. I drafted, tested, and copyrighted it — but something just felt off. So I waited until I could dedicate more time to perfecting it. This pattern sat on my mind for over a year before I revisited it. And now, I’m happy to release my TENTH quilt pattern.

Diamond Strength

Pressed, but Not Crushed released in March 2021. I always try to challenge myself to incorporate a new skill with each pattern. For this one, the skill was sewing blocks on pointe.

You Can Change Your Mind

The Translated Quilt released in June 2021. My new skill to incorporate this time - borders. I’ve always considered myself more of a modern quilter and seen borders as traditional. This quilt changed that mindset for me.


I’m a numbers nerd. I like puns and palindromes and number families.
Meet the Cake Patterns - Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake, and Bundt Cake.
Three patterns released on my last day of being 33.


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